Answers, Help & Advice from the SimDif team

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 • How do I get my site to appear on Google?
 • How do I get more visitors to come to my site?
 • How do I change the way my site appears in search results?

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 • How do I get rid of  

 • Can I use my own domain name?

 • How do I get more than 7 pages?

 • How do I make my site multi-lingual?
 • How do I password protect a page?
 • How do I know how many people visited to my site?  

 • Can I get Google Analytics for my site?
 • How do I change the name of my site?

 • Can I use SimDif on a PC or a Mac?

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 • I can't login.   

 • I can't register.

 •  I lost my password. What should I do?

 •  The app says "your editor is loading" endlessly!
 •  I can't find an answer to my problem. Can you help?

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 • When should I publish my site?

 • How often should I update my site?
 • What makes a good home page?
 • What do I get in the free review of my site?
 • How do I copy and paste text into my website?

 • How do I change the size of the text in my website?

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 • How many items can I sell?
 • How do I put my company logo in the header?
 • How do I get rid of "Made with SimDif"?

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•  How can my visitors leave comments?

•  Can I add affiliate links?  

•  Can I insert custom html code?
•  How can I add "sub-pages"?  

•  Can I make multi-level menus?
•  How many pictures can I add to a gallery?
•  How many "blocks" can I add to one page?
•  Why can't I add links to pictures?

•  When will new features be added?

•  Can I request a new feature?