How to Add Your Logo to the Header of Your Site

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You can upload your own picture in the upper part of your site.


   This is quite simple:

    • If you already have an image with your logo, you can use this.

    • Or you can compose your Header with an image editor like Photoshop.
        - For this you can even start from one of the SimDif headers….
        - Modify it and then upload it back to your site.

    • The key Details for techno graphic geeks.

      ( or if you wish to hire a graphic designer to make your header )
        - Ask them to create an image at size: 960 x 321 px

        - Images can be saved to jpg, gif, png or tiff file formats

        - It may be a good idea to give access to your site to try out several solutions.

How to import a Picture in your Header.

Click on the Header icon in the toolbar
Then, choose "Your Picture" and select your image from your machine


Please note that the transition from your picture (jpg, gif, tiff ) to the background color of the site is automatic: the color of your image will merge progressively with the site background color. But, if you define your own transparency in a .png file, the editor will preserve it.

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