How to Change the Name of Your Website

The site settings is the second icon top right

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How to change the address of your site on the web.

Go to Site Settings - the first tab is about the name of your site.

Click on "Modify the web address of this site".

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To use your own domain name with your website.

Your site comes with a free domain name. If you think you might be better off with your own domain name we understand. We've created a page to help you answer the question "should I work with or buy my own domain name ?"

The 3 steps to using your own domain name with your Pro site.

1 • Get your own domain name, .com, .net , ...

     - Here is how to choose the right name for your website
     - And 2 or 3 suggestions on where to buy the classic .com, .net , .org, ...

     - You can even get .CF, .GA, .TK, .ML domain names for free here.

2 • Edit the A records as follows :

     - Don't change the DNS (Name Server) itself, just Edit 2 A records as explained here.

     - If your domain name already has a record for www ( like a CNAME ) just erase it.

3 • Wait a few hours and Link your site

    - Don't forget to publish your site before you proceed to the last step in your site settings.

If, after trying, you find this step is really too technical for you
We understand, feel free to ask for help

We will be happy to do it for you


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Is the price of a personal domain name included in the Pro version ?

Your own domain name is not included in the price of a Pro site, but please note:
less than $ 60 / year, ( less than $5 / month) for Pro sites includes : 

All the pro features, Apps giving you the unique ability to edit your entire site from any mobile device, and high quality hosting. All this makes SimDif one of the least expensive solutions in the world at this time.
We also offer you a free domain name, with the extension  if you are looking for a classic .com, it will cost you around $15.

Please compare this all included $74, with the other $90 + services "with free domain the first year" and Apps allowing you to open an account and get back to the web.

► Read more about all the Pro features here.

We believe in helping you maintain your independence, and keeping control over your domain name is part of this. A domain name of your own, like a .com should cost you around $15 / year
. Here is our guide to domain names:
► How to choose your name, where to buy it, and how to link it to your site.

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How to change the name that appears in the top of the window / tab

Have you noticed that a website also has a name which appears in the tab of your browser? You can edit this "title" and use a phrase relevant for your readers and search engines. It is an important part of optimizing the meta data of each page of your site.

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