How to Unpublish or Delete Your Site or Account

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To unpublish or erase a site:

( For security reasons we cannot delete sites upon simple email request. )


       - Log into your SimDif account,

       - Click on the top right icon, the Account Preferences.

This is the icon for account preferences
The last tab of the account preferences will allow you to unpublished or erase a site.

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How to unpublish a site but keep your account:

               - Click "unpublish a site".

               - Select the site you wish to unpublish.

               - Then click "let me unpublish this site".

               - This site will not be visible on the web anymore, but still available on your account.

                  ( you can publish it again later if you like)

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How to delete a site or close your account entirely:

               - Click "erase a site".

               - Select the site you wish to delete.

               - Then click "let me erase this site".

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Attention : If you erase your last site,
your entire account on Simple Different will also be deleted.
This action is unrecoverable.

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