SimDif's E-commerce Capabilities

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How many items can you sell on only one Pro site?

  • You can have up to 42 items per page with an "add to cart" button
       ( 14 blocks of 3 items )

  • However, you would ideally keep at least 1 block for descriptions or other information
       ( this is important for your visitors and for Google )
       So a good maximum would be 39 items per page.

  • Pro sites allow up to 30 pages,
       But you will need pages for other purposes, let's say at least 5 non product pages.
       ( your homepage, contact page, about us ... )
       25 pages x 39 items per page = a maximum of 975 items.

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More important than the raw numbers

It is the organization of the items you want to sell that is important:

If you have a large number of items, you will have to think carefully about your different categories of product. It is often not exactly the same organization that you would have in a shop on the street or for your stock. Avoid the long list or Article stuffed in a huge page.

You want to create small, easily identifiable, groups.

You want your reader to be able to comfortably navigate your site quickly, browsing, jumping from one page to another, greatly increasing the chances of becoming a customer.

  • Giving each article, its own 1 "image + picture" type block is a good start. 
  • Placing up to 9 items on a page to let you user browse and easily choose his favorite item within your selection will help a decision.
  • Repeating the operation with one page per category or topic, and you have an easy shop to visit and come back to. 
  • Choosing your categories names wisely, may also help you class your items in a relation to what your clients will look for on search engines...

Please note that SimDif features neither a Shipping calculator nor stock management.

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