A Few Tips About Editing Text in Your Website

When you copy and paste text from documents or websites there are 2 things to be aware of.

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1 • Rewrite your content

You want your site to have original and rich content. You absolutely want to avoid having content that exists elsewhere on the web, even if it is your own. If you have a few sentences and especially an entire chapter that exists already on the web, search engines may consider it as "duplicate content". The risk is that search engines will at best consider your site as a copy, or an uninteresting source of information, and at worst identify your site with content theft and blacklist it.

So, the minimum that you should do is modify and significantly enrich the content you import. It is part of your effort to keep your site original and useful for your readers.

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2 • "Clean" your text before formatting it.

When you copy-paste a piece of text from a Word document or another website, you also copy the formatting within it. The text editor of SimDif will do its best to remove this formatting, but sometimes some HTML snippets will remain in the text. It can then become difficult to bold your text, place a Title, edit a link correctly, ...

This icon is the key to many formatting problems ( It looks a bit different on Android )

If you experience some unusual behavior.

try "cleaning" the text of all formatting by hitting the red sweeping brush icon at the top right of the text editor window.

This will remove all the formatting, but keep the text, and you can then re-format it.

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Changing the font(s) size

Please first note that every type of text has it is own size. If within current text you insert a Title it will be bigger. Titles of pages are usually even bigger.
► Find out more about Titles in the write for the web guide

•  Font size on Starter Sites
      The size of all fonts ( text, titles, site name and tabs) can be changed in site settings.
        1. Go to "Site Settings", the second icon at the top right of the editor.
        2. Open the 4th tab from the top, "change the size of the fonts in this site"
        3. Select from one of the 3 options and hit apply.

•  Font size on Pro Sites
      All fonts ( site name, page & block titles, tabs ... ) can be adjusted in the ThemeDesigner.
      Go to Themes > Edit > Select the "Text" tab and edit font sizes, styles and colors.

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