The Free Professional Review of Your Pro Site

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Pro sites can get a free professional review from our staff.

The SimDif guides teach the secrets of creating effective websites. Websites that your readers and Google will appreciate.

However, there's a lot to learn and a fresh point of view, especially from a professional webmaster, can reveal things you may have missed.

When you request a review of your Pro site, here's what you get:

  • A professional will spend from 20 to 30 minutes personally on your site.
  • The emailed report will cover all areas of your site that can be improved.
  • The report will include links to pages in our guides to help you fix the relevant issues.
  • After you've fixed the issues detailed in our report, we'll be happy to feature your site on the Simple Different Facebook page. Your site will gain some press and your work will serve as a good example of what SimDif can help create.

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To help you get the most out of this review.
here are the most common bits of advice we've found ourselves giving.

    Before you submit your site, you may want to look at these points below, and see how they can apply to your site. You don't want us to just repeat these essential remarks. You want us to be able to go deeper into your site and really take a look at what will be beneficial specifically for you.

• Your first page is not an "about us" page.

     The title of this page (just under the title of the site), should describe what your site is about, in a very concise manner, with the words your readers will use to find you on search engines. "Home", "Welcome to..", are not valid options in this matter. 

      People don't type "Welcome to our site" to find an "appartement to rent in NYC ". People are more likely to type "family guesthouse in Bali ", "house building near Cardiff" "fixing a name of a product " " Advanced Massage course in Chiang Mai" ... 

     What is your site about? What best describes what you do? In their own words.

•  Please consider listing on a piece of paper the questions your clients might have about your activity, in their own everyday words. 

      Seriously. Write down a list.

      When you are done, on a separate list, write the questions as they might formulate them on Google. You see, they are not the same formulations. Both lists are important. They should help you understand what answers your site can bring to your future contacts.

•  And then try to review your site with this rule in mind:

      1 question = 1 topic = 1 answer = 1 page
      Even if you think it's already the case, the lists above will be helpful to see if you are missing a page. You might be surprised. It could make a big difference. 

      Make sure the name of your tab describe the content. Anybody should be able to guess accurately what that page is about. 

      Hint : If the tab is too short to describe the content, think about creating 2 pages.

•  Regroup your tabs visually, by topic or importance. 

      Never more than 6 together.
      A quick exercise in making your site nicer to visit for your readers. You want them to click on these tabs. Creating small groups with your tabs helps. You will see with time the impact of the number of viewed pages to the way your clients will actually contact you.


•  Consider trying to build a new page, one that could be a home page.

      Another key exercise with underestimated benefits.

      It is only now, now that all your pages are created, that you can hope to create the home page your site deserves.

      -  It is about presenting your activity, very concisely, with your readers own words. Avoid the technical terms only professionals (you) will use. 

      -  It is about creating clear links to the most important pages inside your site. 

      People won't read much, but they will click on what feels like an answer to the question they had in mind when they arrive to your site. You want to help them click.
      Try to follow the advice on the link here, and see how it goes:

•  Think about your Titles.

      Titles are keys 

      You will find "Titles" in many places in your site, for pages, in blocks, in the meta tags, ...

They are here for your readers to comfortably browse your site, but also for the search engines to better understand your content and its organisation.

     ► Click here to visit our guide on how to choose your Titles


•  A lot of your pages don't have meta tags.

      Meta tags are a hidden part of your site 

      SimDif helps you edit them easily, even in the Free Starter version. Click on the <<key>> icon in the top right corner of each page. 

      The guide below will be very useful: The "keywords" tag is overrated, you don't really need to fill that field up, Google will find keywords in the text of your page. The name of the page and the description are crucial:

     ► See this guide on how to define your meta tags

• Your email address & the contact page.

     You should probably not show your email address in the footer or in your pages.
     Instead, create a link to the contact page. The contact page allows anybody at any time from any device to send you an email without you having to disclose your email address.

     You may already know that "robots" are used by unscrupulous people to collect email

     addresses and build lists of targets for spam. The contact page helps to protect your email box from spam.

• Google does not read images.

      Each time it is possible, think about your pictures as an illustration of what is written.

      Sure, just throwing the best pictures we have can feel right. With skills on Photoshop, or because we have it already, it seems easy to place some kind of nice flyer right onto the home page ... But when it comes to website building, all this is not helping, at all. 

 Search engines just don't "read" pictures. So :

     - Write your text first, you know, to answer your user's query ...

     - Then, Illustrate your text. Readers like to see what it is about too.

     - Don't forget to define the name and the description* of your picture.

*The description will appear below the image (see the picture below).

We are happy to help get your site a bit further.

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To get a free review of your Pro site, please do the following:

  1. Read this guide to check that you've followed the rules for creating a quality website.
  2. Review (and possibly apply) the advice on this page
  3. Publish your completed site.
  4. Write to us here and request a review.
  5. We will be happy to help you go even further with your site.

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