Why is a Gallery Page "Limited" to 12 images.

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A page with a long list of photos ignores
2 crucial concepts for your site.

1 • Your visitor has a limited ability to remember your site.

You want to keep your readers in the right state of mind if they are going to continue to visit your site. This is because we readers ( on the web ) don't look at pictures in the same way that we read text. It's better not to offer everything you can do, but just enough of the good stuff to keep them going and able to decide.

Later you'll see from your site statistics how the number of pages viewed, and the time spent on your site by your visitors, is crucial when it comes to actual sales. A long time spent on only one picture page, to then just leave is not something you want to encourage.

2 • Even more importantly, Google doesn't "read" photos.

To help Google understand what your site is about, fill in the Picture Descriptions for each photo. Google sees this description even when you don't tick "show". 

Each gallery page should also contain a block of text discussing this aspect of your topic. This, together with the "title" and "description" meta tags will effectively complete the page and give eyes to the search engines.

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From this come a few important guidelines for creating galleries:

  • If you have a lot of photos, create several gallery pages and group your photos by topic.
       - Pro sites can have up to 30 pages so you can create 20 or more gallery pages.

  • Select only your very best photos for each subject.
       - We all have the tendency to put everything we have, selection is the key.

  • Complete the description field for each picture with the right keywords
       - Click "show" if you want your reader to see the text in the page and in the slide show.

  • Avoid creating a block with pictures above or below the gallery, 
       - These pictures won't be clickable and it will be confusing for your visitors.

  • Introduce your gallery with a block of text discussing your topic
       - You are transforming your pictures into a "rich content page" on the web.
Add a description of your photo when you upload it. Click "Show" if you want it to appear like this very text.

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You have 50, 100 + pictures to manage ?

A good tip is to support your website with a Flickr account, for example.

But even in this case, you want your website to create a "hard point" for Google. Photos pages are not so well referenced, as you'll have understood from the above.

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