The App Or Your Site Isn't Loading?

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You see the message "Your editor is loading" for a very long time?

The app has frozen in some other way?

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First, check your internet connection.
    • If you have been using SimDif via a 3G connection try to use wifi if possible.
    • Keep in mind that you are remotely editing an entire website.
       The quality of your connection is more important than usual.
       To check if this is the cause of the problem, you may want to test with another, faster connection.
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If you are sure about the connection, but you still have a problem,
Close the app completely.
   • In iOS 7, this can be done by double clicking the home button, and then swiping upwards on the SimDif icon.
  • In Android you need to hit the task manager button, and then swipe the app out of the screen.
  • If you still have a problem, try completely powering down your device and restarting it. Keep only your SimDif App open, and see if having more memory available makes a difference.

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If all the above fails, please let us know that you have tried and
  contact us here or at
We'll do all we can to resolve your problem.
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