Content Organization and the Menu Tabs

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SimDif is designed to build websites where all pages are always visible & accessible.

    It is actually a way to help you to organize your site's content in an effective way for your clients and for Google.

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It is a real quality.

This way, your reader will be more comfortable navigating your site, going easily from one page to the other, understanding what you have to say. It will also help him to memorize your site and its organisation.

•  As a result, you increase the chances that your reader will actually take the step to contact you or buy what you offer.
    You'll see with a bit of experience that the number of pages viewed is more important than the raw number of visits…

• The menu tabs on the left can comfortably display this many options to your website visitors, so that they will always know exactly where they are in your site, and what options they have. These are the 2 main functions of website navigation. 

•  Many studies show that for presentation sites, sub-pages, multi-level or drop-down menus can look "sexy", but can actually make things more confusing for your visitors and measurably reduce the success of your site... and so we have purposely not included them.

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Instead we've created an easy way for you to

Order and group your tabs.

  1. Use move mode to put your menu tabs in your desired order.
  2. Use "Spacers" to separate groups of tabs.
  • To add a "spacer" simply select 'New page"  >  "Spacer"
  • Use move mode again to position your spacers.

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