Pictures and Links

In gallery pages pictures zoom when clicked. However, you cannot put links on images in standard pages and blocks.

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Links can be added only to text.

SimDif has been designed this way to avoid confusion. It's better for the search engines and for your readers if pictures are pictures and links are links.

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Why do pictures not work so well with links?

  • Pictures can look like ads if they have links, and website visitors often recognize them as such, and just like you grow blind to them.

  • Text links give much more information about what your visitor can expect to find. They can have a call for action, a subject and a destination.

like this:
► Find out  how to create the right links  in our guide  Write for the web

  • Google does not "read" images as well as text. By using text links with carefully chosen language, search engines can better understand the topic of your site, the nature of your link and the organization of your site.

Remembering these points will help you build a site that answers specific questions in the eyes of Search engines and bring more clients.

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