Problems Upgrading Your Starter Site to Pro

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How do you check your site is Pro.

Look at the top toolbar!

On computers: Left side

All this indicates that the Pro features are available for this site.

If you don't see this change, try restarting your device, and then log back in. 

If the problem persists please read below :

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You have paid with iTunes but your site is still not Pro.

What most likely happened is that Apple's servers failed to signal your payment to our own servers. Usually the process is automatic and instantaneous. But sometimes technology is not exactly as reliable as we would all like.  

    If this the case, please contact us immediately,
    forward us the mail from Apple showing your payment to

    we will change your site to Pro immediately.

The receipt from Apple can take up to 48 hours to get to you.

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience.

► For your information, you can find several ways to pay for your site here