I Published My Site But the Changes Don't Appear Online

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You've edited your site but you don't see your changes?

If you've edited your site and clicked "Publish", your changes should be visible immediately.
First make sure that you have clicked "Publish".

If you don't see your changes, please refresh your screen using the circular arrow icon.

The refresh button is at the bottom right of your screen in the App
Refresh on Chrome
Refresh on Firefox
Refresh on Safari (iOS)

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The main cause of this problem is the browser's cache memory:

Web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome or Firefox are usually set to remember the pages that you have visited to speed up the next visit. They may show you a version of a page that does not included the latest changes. The web browser included in our App does something similar.

    If after reloading your page you are still having problems, please let us know.