Readers Comments

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Your readers can send you messages,

 feedback and requests via your Contact page.

To add a contact page to your site:

  1. Select "New page" at the bottom of the tabs list
  2. Select "contact", and apply.
  3. In the contact page, it can be a good idea to insert a text block before the form itself. You can welcome your reader and possibly indicate the kind of information you desire.

When you create a new page, choose "Contact".

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Add your visitors comments to your site.

You can select the messages that your visitors have sent you via your contact page, and add them to your site in a dedicated page. Just create a page that you call "guestbook" or "testimonials" and paste in the comments that make sense for you. It is a relevant and expected page from many businesses.

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Why not a "comment box" ?

  Your presentation site is not a blog, Facebook page or Twitter page.
  Social sites such as these emphasize comments and shared input. It's their role.

  A presentation website is the part of your presence on the web 

  that you control.

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There are different type of websites, for different types of usage.

You want to take advantage of these different ways to build your presence on the Web to serve your business. SimDif’s sites are pretty good to present a professional activity, in a clear manner for your readers and search engines.

Placing links to and from your site, and for example, your Blog, your flickr account, your Facebook page, your Twitter page, … is usually the best way to go.

This way you will enjoy, for each usage, a fully featured dedicated service. It will be better for your readers, and multiply the incoming links to your main site.

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Help your readers share your site with their friends and contacts.

Social networks are an important part of your presence on the web. There is a feature on SimDif to allow your visitors to share your site on the networks they use.

Check the "AddThis" option in your site settings.

► More information about promoting your website on social networks

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