What is The Difference Between Starter and Pro Sites

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Starter sites.

Starter sites provide all the basic features of SimDif and up to 7 pages. SimDif can be used from iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets, PCs and Macs.

With a Starter site you can create a very decent presence on the web for free.

To keep a Starter site visible on the web 

you must publish it at least once every 21 days. 

We'll send friendly emails to remind you. You can repeat this operation and keep your site online as long as you like.

If you fail to click Publish within the set time, your site will be "unpublished" and will no longer be visible on the web. Your site will still be available in your account upon login, and you will have a further 2 months to republish your site. 

If you don't login to your account within these 2 months, your account will be erased.*

Why don't we store inactive sites ?

• Not keeping inactive sites is of course a way to conserve server storage space and to provide the best service possible to our active users and keep the price of the Pro version as affordable as possible.

• It is also a way to make sure that under "•simdif•com", Google will only find well structured and active sites. This good reputation benefits all websites made with SimDif.

• It is a part of our Ethics : We don't keep people's data that aren't using SimDif anymore, we don't store information beyond your awareness.

• It is also a measure of security as email addresses and personal information are not staying on our servers, making it much less likely that hackers would be interested.

Last but not least.

• Publishing your site regularly is a way to invite you to have a new eye on it each time. It gives you a chance to adopt your readers point of view and improve your site. 

• It becomes a clear sign that your site is regularly updated, for your readers and clients, but also for Google and other search engines.

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Pro Sites.

Pro sites provide up to 30 pages. There's no need to republish a Pro site, ( Although it can be very beneficial to update and publish your website often ).

Pro sites remain online for as long as the site has been paid for.

If you fail to renew a Pro site after its yearly expiration date, your site is unpublished but still available in your account for 6 months. After 6 months, if there is no activity on your account, your site and account will be deleted.

Pro sites have many advanced features.

Including being able to use your own domain name, integrating Google Analytics, e-commerce functions, password protected pages, creating your own graphic theme,...

► Visit our guide about all the features of Pro sites.

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How much will a Pro site cost me ?

How can I pay for or renew my pro site ?
What is that Special Offer about ?
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