About the Benefits of Publishing your Site Early and Often

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> Publish early.

Firstly, it's important to realize that just because you've published your site, this does not mean that it will be immediately visible to search engines and the people using them.

Please note,

 If no other site has links pointing to your site, 

and if you have not registered your site manually to search engines and directories 

your site will only be visible to the people you give your site address to.

Publishing early is a chance to see your site in action : 

  • It's a chance to see your site with fresh eyes. Try to think like your intended reader. After all it's for your readers that you created the site.
  • Ask the opinion of friends. Test your site before starting the process of getting it known.
  • Publishing early is a chance to put your progress more concretely before your eyes. Building a good site can be a long process, even if SimDif makes it much quicker than usual, and encouragement is always welcome.

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> Publish often.

Each time you publish you look at your site with new eyes. This is an involuntary reflex and a crucial tool for improving your site.

Visitors also like coming to a living site, with fresh content. It can encourage more exploration and gives a feeling that there will be something worth returning to for next time.

• • •  Publish often, search engines will identify your site as "regularly updated", especially if you add or correct a few things each time. Google will then check your site more often, looking for new content.

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