I Published My Site But I Can't Find It On the Web

If you have already published your site

   • Your site is already visible on the web for anybody who has its address.
   • Please note there is no "www" in the address. (unless you have your own domain name)


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Your site can be on the web, and not visible on search engines yet.
These are 2 different things.
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If you don't find your site on Search engines :

Your site is probably not listed by search engines, yet.

   • It may not be seen by Google for example, until another known site links to yours.

     -> It means that you need a site that google knows already and has a link to your page.

   • Facilitating a few links on sites which are related to your activity is important.

     -> It is much better if this site is of a similar subject as yours.

   • You can also register your site with search engines manually.

     -> We will show you how to do this, but you want to consider the next pages first.

To find out more about the basic principles to follow to help Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing, and others propose your site as an answer to their user's requests,

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